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Top 3 Google play Store Alternatives – Aptoide , vShare, TuTu App

Day by day there is increase in android apps download in one day, but when we want to download android app only one app came in our mind i.e Google Playstore but there are more apps like it and are even better than it only thing we have to to is to download them. Today we are going to tell you 3 Apps like this Aptoide, vShare, TuTu App. They all are best apps for downloading apps and are fully loaded with Awesome features better than Google Playstore. There are many problems faced by users who use Google playstore are also going to solve after downloading these apps.

People who use Android devices know that android devices came with pre-installed app names Google Play Store through which you can download any kind of android apps but you have to pay for paid ones. People also need to get Google id to download these apps and also Play store cover most of the space of phone storage. But with the help of these 3 Google Play Alternatives, all problems will be solved and you can also use any paid apps for free.  So, let’s start the list.

1.  Aptoide Apk

Aptoide is second best alternative for Google play store, as it has very good UI experience. It also allows you to download any kind of paid or free apps without any cost. It will easily detect pre-installed apps and can show you list of it i.e. apps which you have installed already. The UI design of Aptoide more like Google play store so, you’ll not find any kind of difficulty while using it if you uses Google play store app previously. Now, let’s see features of Aptoide for android. Then as we al;l know that aptoid is a well-known app store, from where you can download any app or games. With aptoide store, you will get a large number of apps and games, in aptoide apk store. So I think aptoide apk is the best alternative to google play store. That we can choose for our next app store. So let's give a look at the best features of aptoide apk.

Features of Aptoide for Android :

  • You can install any kind of apps and games completely for free whether it is paid or free.
  • You can also control those apps that you installed on your Phone already.
  • You’ll get updates completely.
  • It will also make your internal applications available in a private Store.
  • You can also manage your download files, access to the stores and the updates.

vShare For Android

vShare is one of the best and most popular app store, in nowadays, it can allows you to download any premium app or game for free. Yeah if you are using vShare app on your smartphone, then be ready to forget google play store. Because we all know that on play store we have to pay for some premium and paid apps, but on the second hand if you are using the vShare app then you can download any premium or paid app or game without paying any single cent. So folks I think it is the best app store that can provide you all the useful premium app without any charge. Just due to some best and cool features, vShare is listed in the top 5 competitors of google play store. So guys just click on this link to get more in fact all information about vShare app. Do visit this amazing web site based on vShare store. And you will get all the useful facts about vShare store. vShare app not only works on android devices but also works on iOS and Computer too. You can download any kind of apps even if it is paid without spending a single penny for it. The best feature of the vShare store is that it allows users to download any kind of free or paid apps free of cost and you also don’t have to register any kind of account before using it. If you are app developer you can also publish your own app on vShare store without paying them. Yes, where if you want to publish your app on play store it charges $25 but in vShare store you can publish your app free of cost. Which will helps you to test your apps and their performance also? Now let’s take a look at features of vShare for Android.

Features of vShare for Android 

  • You can download any type of apps from vShare Store.
  • You don’t have to pay any amount of money to vShare Store for paid apps.
  • You can install any app without doing any registration or login procedure.
  • The size of vShare for android is only about 2 MB. So, you also don’t have to worry about        space.
  • You don’t have to worry about any kind of copyrights issue.
  • You can publish your own apps on vShare Store.

3.  TuTu App

TuTu app is the best app as it comes some time ago and becomes this much popular with its cute logo and design you can download and use TuTu app on Android and iOS platform. It adapts most of the features from vShare app and Aptoide, i.e. You can download any paid and free apps for free and you also don’t have to register and worry about any copyright issue. But there is one issue in TuTuApp that it comes in Chinese language but nowadays it is not such a big issue because there are many google translator which will help you to translate this app or it will automatically get translated. Let’s take a look at TuTu app features.

Features of TuTu App for Android 

  • You can download any kind of free or paid app from TuTu App.
  • You don’t have to register any kind of stuff to download apps.
  • You don’t have to worry about the copyright issue.
  • You can also download banned apps or not allowed in your country from TuTu app.
  • You can also manage you downloaded and installed apps.
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