Thursday, 24 November 2016

Aptoide App Store, Why Aptoide Is Best Alternative To Play Store

Google Play store is biggest marketplaces for android apps from always. As we all know for getting the success you have to be good at for deciding a great timing and idea and Google does it well. As Google came in this market first that why it is the most popular marketplace for Android apps. When we think about to install the new app on your android device, our mind got stopped on only one name Play store. As it is the default app for downloading and installing app that's why we never thought of something else. Aptoide app allows you to download any apps and games just like play store app.Aptoide app is just like Google Play store but is far better than it. People who use Google Play store face many problems like Playstore consumes so much of data for download apps and even for searching them. Playstore covers most of your space of your phone storage, it does not allow you to download paid apps for free.
Aptoide app solves all these problems as it also works on low connection and consumes very low data. It also covers less space and contains around 65000 apps that are too awesome.Aptoide offers all varieties of applications, and some applications are so unique and different that they are not available on the Play store even. You also can download app format of any application if you want which Play store never allows you to do. Where Google is a reputed company, and thus it updates its system frequently so that the users don't face any problem with their apps. It is the biggest marketplace for Android apps because it is the default app for android to download the application and most of the users think to use the only default one. These all advantages of Google Play store will never go to go play store down on the list. Now let's compare features that Aptoide and Google Play store provides to you.

Advantages of Aptoide App :
The ·aptoide app allows you to download  all premium apps for free.
·Tech support through the aptoide forum and aptoide blog are amazing.
·It available on all android formats.
·You can also be accessed in restricted countries like China.
·Aptoide app provides you with 65000 apps in its apps market, which is build by best developers around the world Developers can set up their own marketplace using the premium version.
·It has easy and best interface.
·It also can automatically update your smart device.
·You can also choose the previous version of any app from the Aptoide market.

 Advantages of Google Playstore :

·Google is the very reputed name, so most of the users trust them and also there update system is best so the user will not face any problems.
·As we all know that Google Playstore is the biggest marketplace for android apps.
·We all get Google Play store in our android device pre-installed, as it is default application.
·Where aptoide only supports 17 different languages, Google Play store provides around all languages.
·It has help blogs and forms on the internet from all around the world.

We have told you everything about Google Playstore and Aptoide and we think that Aptoide this time nailed it. Aptoide is best marketplace app ever, what you think. This is your time to decide which is the best app. If you want to know how to download and install the Aptoide app on your devices check our another article.


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